8 Easy Steps To Acne Skin Care In Your 20s

apply lemon juice or slice skin care in your 20s
Evelyn Adams By Evelyn Adams | Editor

apply lemon juice or slice skin care in your 20s

The Skin You Have Always Hoped For

If you have not had an ongoing problem with acne, most likely, you have been afflicted with an occasional breakout. Dermatological advances have led to products and strategies that can help all of us have the skin you have always hoped for. This article contains some of these methods.

Skin care in your 20s can be tough especially if you've dealt with the brunt of your teenage acne breakouts recently. But there are steps you can take to turn the page and begin a new chapter in your story. Let's begin!

 avoid extreme temperatures skin care in your 20s

1Apply Lemon Juice Or Slice

Try a few dabs of lemon juice if oily skin and enlarged pores are the cause of your acne. Lightly apply to the oiliest areas of your face a few times per week. The lemon juice will help close up the pores and reduce the oil. Do not overuse, or it may dry your skin out too much.

A simple lemon slice can help you with your acne. Apply a slice of freshly cut lemon to your blemish. Leave it on only for a few minutes. This is an easily accessible, natural, and cost-effective treatment for acne. This treatment only takes a few minutes a day and can deter you from more drastic and expensive treatments.

 avoid extreme temperatures skin care in your 20s

2Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can cause acne to worsen. You tend to sweat more when temperatures get high. Sweat clogs pores and irritates your skin; sometimes, this can cause acne. When the weather is cold, it can cause skin dryness. You don't want either of these things to happen.

The sun is bad for your skin. Hats can be great protection from the sun. Unfortunately, they can also cause you to sweat around your hairline. Sweat clogs pores and can cause you to break out. If you seem to be breaking out around your hairline often, it might be time to leave the hat at home for a while.

 try home remedies skin care in your 20s

3Try Home Remedies

There are some effective home remedies you can apply to your skin to treat your acne. One effective holistic treatment is garlic. Apply a clove of fresh garlic on and also around your blemishes. By doing this regularly, your acne will vanish and leave no marks on your skin's surface.

You can also try using strawberries to combat your acne outbreaks. Some people have some success using facial masks to prevent or even get rid of acne. Try making strawberries into a face mask; puree and mix them with a bit of sour cream. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. Repeat the process weekly.

 reduce caffeine intake and avoid smoking skin care in your 20s

4Reduce Caffeine Intake And Avoid Smoking

One way to reduce acne is to reduce your caffeine intake. Coffee, tea, and other drinks that are high in caffeine can elevate stress which will, in turn, cause breakouts. Try to drink decaf if possible. By eliminating the caffeine in your diet, you are more likely to have clearer skin.

If you have inflammatory acne, it might be caused by smoking. It is not exactly clear how smoking affects the skin, but researchers have noticed a link between smoking and inflammatory acne, especially in adults who should not have acne. Consider quitting smoking to improve the way your skin looks.

 try home remedies skin care in your 20s

5Maintain Good Hygiene

An important tip to consider concerning acne is knowing where acne can occur on your body. This is important to distinguish acne from other ailments. Acne will commonly occur on your face, and other times, it may show up on the neck, chest, back, or your shoulders. It technically can appear in other places that may have clogged pores, but this would be more likely to pop out from bad hygiene.

If a person with acne must shave afflicted areas, he or she should do so lightly. Shaving irritates the skin and can slice open pimples. Both of these effects can exacerbate an acne problem by spreading infectious bacteria and making nearby skin more susceptible. The lightest possible touch should be used when shaving acne trouble spots.

 avoid extreme temperatures skin care in your 20s

6Try An Aspirin Mask And Green Tea Lotion

If you have a more severe form of acne, try using an aspirin mask every time you get a pimple on your face. Aspirin has many soothing properties, which can reduce the time pimples stay on your face and expedite the healing process. This can help you overcome your acne with the comfort level that you desire.

An important tip to consider when concerning acne is to consider applying green tea lotion to the areas of concern. This topical remedy has been proven to assist with the healing of acne and pimples. You will find this along with other herbal remedies in most stores. Green tea, in itself, is excellent for your body as well.

 maintain good hygiene skin care in your 20s

7Eliminate Oil From T-Zone

If you have problems with acne in your T-zone, get the right products to help fight it. Gel-based cleansers work well for oily areas. Also, find a good astringent to eliminate extra oils. Finding a targeted facial mask for the T-zone to use once a week will dry up oil problems. Pore strips and blotting strips will also help for a quick fix.

There are so many different acne treatments on the market today; however, it has been found that many of them can just confuse your skin. Many will dry out your skin and lead to more breakouts. Try to use simple soap and water to help your skin reset the Ph levels.

 try home remedies skin care in your 20s

8Treat And Conceal Acne

Try to find a skincare product with salicylic acid in it as this helps the skin to shed cells more quickly. If you want to shrink the appearance of your pores, switch to a facial cleanser that contains the ingredient salicylic acid. This will wash out excess oils that can stretch out your pores. It is a bonus if the cleanser can exfoliate as well. When you exfoliate, you wash away dead skin that could clog and stretch the pores.

Even though cosmetics are not a valid form of treatment for acne, many people use them when they have an important event, and they wish to camouflage an acne outbreak. When you feel you must use cosmetics to help conceal your acne, avoid any oil-based compounds because they will aggravate your acne. The best cosmetics to use are water-based ones. Even though they camouflage for a shorter time than oil-based, they inflict less harm to your acne.

There are many reasons a person may experience acne. A lot of people have no idea how to deal with skin care in their 20s and prevent breakouts. Sometimes, it's helpful to remember that many others have dealt with acne, too.

  •  try home remedies skin care in your 20s
  • apply lemon juice or slice skin care in your 20s
  •  reduce caffeine intake and avoid smoking skin care in your 20s
  •  try home remedies skin care in your 20s
  •  maintain good hygiene skin care in your 20s
  •  reduce caffeine intake and avoid smoking skin care in your 20s